History Timeline: How Rejection of God caused Political Correctness

History Timeline:

How Rejection of God caused Political Correctness

defining momentsPatterns in History. See how each incident in this timeline shows how the rejection of God causes a loss of truth.


Genesis —

Tower of BabelThe people Built a Tall tower called The Tower of Babel

  • They forgot God
  • Then their speech turned to  Confusion
  • They could no longer understand each other

600 BC—

Prince Mulek (son of Zedekiah)

  • Escaped to the western hemisphere
  • His people carried no Scriptures . . .
  • They rejected their Creator
  • Their Language was corrupted
  • Visiting Christians could not understand them

In 1963, AD—

Bible bannedThe Supreme Court 

BANNED the Bible in schools,

causing …



  •  Political Correctness (avoiding TRUTH)political correctness
  • Censorship
  • Language corrupted
  • More Loss of Truth




Isaiah 5:20Time to reclaim our sacred heritage

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History Timeline: Covenant in the Bible

History Timeline:

Covenant in the Bible

Genesis (Bible)—the Birthright Covenant

Jacob and EsauRebekah rescues the birthright covenant blessings from the wayward Esau. Righteous Jacob becomes Israel, passes on the birthright covenant.

1492—The Promised Land Discovered

Columbus discovers AmericaChristopher Columbus, a Jewish convert to Christianity, seeks lost tribes of Israel, discovers America.

1776-1787—America’s Covenant with God

Washington at Valley ForgeGeorge Washington and Founding Fathers create the Constitution and establish America as a covenant nation.

1860-1865—Covenant Restored

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln restores the covenant which has been broken by the evil practice of slavery.

1930—Ideas Have Consequences

erasing historyWhen Karl Marx’s workers’ revolution failed to conquer the world, his followers devised a new strategy—Cultural Marxism. Whereas they sought to capture and subdue the human soul, Judeo-Christian Culture became the new enemy. Under the guise of multiculturalism, the Marxists invaded the realms of Western Culture, starting with the schools and spreading through science, media, government, entertainment, and even some churches.

judicial tyranny1963-2015—America Loses Her Birthright

  • Supreme Court decisions led to banning the Bible and prayer from public schools.
  •   Violent crime increased 700%, including riots and bombings; drug abuse also soared.
  • America has been plagued with one of the highest immorality rates in the industrialized world.
  •  The Supreme Court decreed abortion on demand. (1973)
  •  The Supreme Court toppled the sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman. (2015)

Dinner Talk: What is a covenant?

10 commandmentscovenant— in our scriptural context here, we are talking about an agreement between God and a person, or between God and a nation.

  • It simply means that when we agree to honor God by obeying His commandments, He promises to bless us.
  • If we break our covenant, we do not receive the blessings. The story in Genesis about the birthright teaches us how Jacob— the brother who kept his covenant promises to God—received the birthright blessings. His brother Esau, on the other hand, chose not to keep the covenant, and lost the blessings.
  • Choices have consequences. What blessings have you received when you chose to do right?