Defining Moment: What is the Language of God?

Defining Moment:

What Language does God speak?

ALL HAPPENINGS great and small are parables whereby God speaks. The art of life is to get the message. ~Malcolm Muggeridge

whyHow do we make the Biblical worldview stick with our youth, amidst all the worldly deceptions assaulting them?

Well, what language does God speak?

  • NOT political correctness

holy spirit doveOur truly native language is the Word of God, spoken in the language of the Holy Spirit.

How do we learn that vital language?

big pictureWe will need to look beyond our phones, beyond worldly distractions, to the Big Picture.

  • Epic stories
  • Defining moments
  • Patterns
  • Biblical symbols

Epic Stories of Faith and Courage

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How to Win the Epic Culture Game of All Time

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  • Way of Truth and Peace
  • Key to Divine Protection

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