Guide to Birthright Book Series, Part 2 of 3: People and Places

Guide to Birthright Book Series, Part 2 of 3:

People and Places

By C.A. Davidson

covenant pathONE OF THE GREATEST ALLEGORIES OF ALL TIME is J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It can be a bit of a challenge to keep track of all Tolkien’s characters in the little world that he created, called Middle Earth, with whole nations and groups of people.

So I have put together this little guide for your allegorical journey in my Birthright book series, on the Birthright Covenant path.

First let me introduce you to what the U.S. Review of Books calls the ” fascinating parallel history” of Yeshurun, in Escape to Faith and Freedom, Book 1 of the Birthright Covenant trilogy.

Guide Posts on the Birthright Covenant Path

The Bible, the word of God. After thousands of years, the Bible remains the chief and most widely read of classic literature. What makes it an enduring best seller, past the peak of three weeks, six months, or even a year?  Why is it never really obsolete? Because God’s truth is absolute; it never changes. It is an anchor for our souls. The Bible contains God’s commandments. If we keep those commandments, we have a covenant with Him. That covenant will bless us and keep us safe.

Zion gateYeshurun. The Birthright Covenant trilogy is set in a microcosm of Judeo-Christian culture called Yeshurun. The biblical spelling is Jesurun, Hebrew for upright and righteous (Deut. 33:26), and chosen (Isa. 44:2)

Zion Culture Center. Governor Lorenzo Nobles founded this center in Yeshurun, where he collects great treasures of Judeo-Christian culture. 

Danger Zones

danger zonesThe Order of Kohor. A vast system of tyranny that uses deception to ensnare nations into bondage. Its goal is to rule the world, destroy Judeo-Christian culture. Ruling method is Procrustean.

Procrustes was a legendary Greek robber who stretched the bodies or cut off the legs of his victims to make them fit the length of his bed. What political dogma today matches this ruling method?

Gandikons. A political party that actively seeks to overthrow liberty by engaging in piracy, assassinations, gangs, violence, human trafficking, and global tyranny.

smear campaignAnti-Hate Committee. A cabal with the principal purposes of re-writing history, ruining innocent people with calculated smear campaigns, and covering up Kohor atrocities. A front for drug cartels, financial fraud, genocide, and Gandikon crimes.

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